What do you do when you fall down a mountain and live to tell the tale?...Sit up in hospital and start planning your next conquest of course.

WHAT about that fantastic story about the guy who fell a thousand feet down a mountain and lived to tell the tale.
Adam Potter from Glasgow hit the headlines and television screens with his miracle escape. He cheated Sgurr Choinnich Mor, around five miles east of Ben Nevis. His rescuers in a Sea King helicopter expected to recover a body and were astounded to find him alive, but dazed and checking his map to find out where he was. The Munro-bagger broke three small bones in his back, skinned his nose and forehead but was otherwise okay.
Is that the end of his mountain climbing days?...tha heck it is! Guess what this miracleman is planning to take on in March, nothing less than the highest peak in the world, Mount Everest.
I have to say, that, on occasions, I have looked at more modest peaks in Scotland, I felt an inclination to climb them, but nothing more than that. I prefer to take photos of them.
And, I reckon that if I had been a climber and had such an unbelievable escape, wild horses would not drag me back up any summit. Thank your lucky stars, you’re still alive, Adam and take up something else...anything, tiddly winks, table tennis...anything but mountain climbing.
You’ll never get such a large chunk of luck again.