My Father's name is Andrew MacLeod he was born 1923 in Wick his fathers name was also Andrew MacLeod died 1927he had two brothers Alexander born 1917 and John born 1920. His mothers name was Catherine MacLeod (Cambell) and they married in 1917. The three boys left Wick in 1929 to go to Quarriers Childrens home in Renfrewshire his mother soon after left to go to Montrose where she later marrier Alexander Sutherland. I know that when my dad and his two brothers left they had three uncles from their fathers side still living in Wick. I am looking to see if anyone knows if any of their families still live in Wick or that area as I would love to meet some of my dads family. Unfortunately my dad died in November 1987. His three uncles were:
Angus MacLeod, 60 Grant Street, Wick
Robert MacLeod. Kinnaird Street, Wick
William MacLeod, Huddart Street, wick they all lived there in May 1927.

Any help will be appreciated.