View Full Version : Lock your thread

20-Jan-10, 11:26
How do you lock a thread after you have posted it.

20-Jan-10, 13:51
When you create a thread there should be options at the bottom, one of which is to close it after its been submited.

If it's a thread that's been up for a while there should be a bar above the first post with Thread Tools as an option. Click that and, on the drop-down menu, is Close Thread - select that and click the button at the bottom of the menu.

I'm not sure if these options are available to all members or only ones who've been here a while, so if in any doubt, click the Report Post icon (http://forum.caithness.org/images/buttons/report.gif) and request the thread be closed - a Mod or Admin (whoever sees it first) should do it for you.

20-Jan-10, 14:30
Thanks for that.