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16-Apr-06, 12:12
I have a small garden with lots of plants in pots, so that means plenty of watering.
I have several trees in pots and they do very well. The Weeping Silver Birch has survived for almost thirty years.
I use heavy stone pots, though sometimes I keep a plastic pot inside as well.
I keep the top soil covered with a good layer of pebbles as the garden gets a lot of hot sun. I am not in Caithness ! But I now have moss growing among and over the pebbles. I love the effect but hope moss will not harm the trees.
What do you think, should I remove it ?

Thank you for any ideas.

17-Apr-06, 13:28
You can remove the moss without any harm. Moss only grows where it is damp.

Bob M
20-Apr-06, 21:50
If you like the effect of the moss then leaving it will do no harm but will help to conserve moisture in the soil, you only need to remove it if the soil is getting too wet or sour in which case you should really re-pot your plants

keep it natural
Bob M

21-Apr-06, 17:37
Thank you both, I do like the moss so I have decided to remove only some of it, as it has not harmed the trees. As for conserving the moisture then I should leave it as we are soon to have a water shortage in our area !