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24-Dec-03, 17:33
Hello Everyone,
Just wondering if anyone has connections with Banks & Sutherland in Canisbay.

My Gr. Gr. Grandad Donald (Daniel) Banks was born at Canisbay around 1808.
His parents were David Banks & Elizabeth Sutherland. Married at Canisbay,Christmas day 1806. Donald married at Liff Benvie & Invergowery in 1837, my Gr Grandad was born at Monifeif, Forfar in 1838.
Donald & his family (Jane or Jean Mc Neillie ,wife, son David) moved to Riccarton, Ayrshire. Have yet to find out if Donalds parents also moved south.

Hazel. In Lancashire. :)

30-Dec-03, 00:40

Hi Hazel
if you log on to the above you will see that Alastair Banks has some info from that line. He doesn't follow down on your Donald however you may have info to share.
Any problems let me know.

I have distant links to Alastair's tree via a few names.

23-Jan-04, 13:10
My Grandad, James Banks, who died in 1959, was descended from Canisbay Bankses. I will look for the short tree I have, to see if your grgrgrandad is on there.
Helen Banks Gibson

23-Jan-04, 18:34
Hello Helen,
Thank you for looking at your family tree, to see if there is a connection .
Nothing would please me more to find that I still have relative's that live at Scotland.
I also have cousins , that live at Cumbria with Banks connection.
Our Grandad ,William Banks was born at Muirkirk around 1879. When he was 18 he moved to Cumbria.

25-Jan-04, 12:30
I am quite sure we aredistantly related. After all, Canisbay is no maore than 20 miles form anywhere else in the landlocked "island" that Caithness used to be before cars trains etc.
I have found very little in the tree my brother did, as it fosuses on the other side of the family, but here goes.
My mother, Mary Banks was born in 1923 in Shebster (house still there and for sale recently)Mam died a year ago last weekend, after a long and happy marriage to my Dad, who died 5 months later.
Her older sister, Nell died, unmarried, in the 40s from TB.
Grandad, James, was born in 1888 at Shalmstry, a farm a couple of miles out of Thurso. His sister Annie (1882), married one of the Allans of toyshop fame (shop still there in Thurso), but, sadly her only son Sandy was one of the last to die in the second World War. Annie never recovered from thius tragedy. She died around 1962. His sisters Christine (1886) and Mary (1891) went to Canada and worked a steachers. Neither married, and they visited us in the late 50s...I thought "Chrisnmary" was one person until they appeared!
There were another sister and a brother John George and Catherine Janet (1894), and I don't know anything about them, so they may have died in infancy.
Their father, Alexander Banks farmed Shalmstry at one time,married Annie Falconer in 1877, in Castletown and died in 1924. His father was Donald Banks, but I don't know his birthdate or place. Maybe one of these days I will go to Register House and follow up this line.
Hope this is helpful. Sad that out of all those people there is only me and my brother left, no Bankses.

25-Jan-04, 14:35
Just realised there is another Canisbay Banks link. On the other side of the family, in 1886, Donaldina Bruce, whose mother was Elizabeth Banks ( m Donald Bruce) married John Gibson in Canisbay. Canisbay was important in the Gibson genealogy too.
Her daughter was called Elizabeth Banks Gibson ( I am Helen Banks Gibson)
It was common in the North to call girls after their father with lots of Donaldas, Angusinas, Walterinas, Johanns etc, and for a girl to be give her mother's maiden name as a middle name. Of course the Icelanders get it right by calling daughters after mothers as in Helen Marysdottir!

26-Jan-04, 21:04
Thank you Helen for letting me know about your family tree, This is my Banks Fam Tree.
David Banks. Master shoemaker married Elizabeth Sutherland 1806 Canisbay.
Donald (Also known as Daniel) Banks born around 1809. I think he had two sisters Margaret and Elizabeth.
Donald married at Liff Benvie & Invergowerie in 1837 to (Jane Mc Neillie born Ireland).
My Gr Grandad was born in 1838 at Monefief ,Forfar, (David).
In 1851 the family are on the census at Riccarton Ayrshire.Their other children were. Jane , William, Daniel, Elizabeth, also a James & John born in 1856 Aug 1. But on the census for 1861 these twins are not on ,so they may have died in infancy.
My Gr Grandad (David) married Margaret Downie (Born Stair, Ayrshire) at Riccarton in 1857 Aug 21.
Their children were , Daniel, Allan, David, Jane, and Grandad William born Muirkirk. There could have been more children.Grandad William Married Hannah Graham at Whitehaven,Cumbria, and they lived at Harrington and had nine children , my mother was Margaret Banks, not many bankses left from this line. Some of the children had Maiden names as there middle name.

19-Nov-04, 09:39
Hi Hazel - I hope you are still checking the board! We share our family tree. My great grandfather (Daniel Banks born Riccarton 1857) was the younger brother of your great grandfather (David). My grandfather was John Banks (born 1883) - son of Daniel, therefore our grandfathers were cousins, making you my third cousin. My grandfather moved to the Stirlingshire area from Ayrshire after marrying my grandmother (Margaret McIlveen) in 1904. My mother was Helen Banks and I have Banks as my middle name. I will also send a private message in the hope that I can still reach you and share some more information. Isn't this amazing - I have had no luck with message boards in the past and now this comes along!
Greetings from your Scottish cousin,

19-Nov-04, 15:45
:o) Hello Nancy,
I was'nt sure if any of our relative's were still living at Scotland, but out of all those children, I thought there must be someone still there.
Pleased that you have found my message . I have had a struggle sending this message could not remember how to do it.
I am living in Lancashire. This is were my mother (Margaret Banks & her sister Jean Wardrop Banks came looking for works, (From Harrington Cumbria) all the rest of William Banks children stayed at Harrington,

Still cannot believe we have found each other. :) Hazel.

19-Nov-04, 23:17
Hi again Hazel,
I am still trying to cover all options to ensure that we remain in contact. Hope you got my email ok? I have just come off the telephone to another third cousin of yours (Margaret Banks Brown) who is as pleasantly surprised as I was to hear about you. I did not say before that I still live in the village in Stirlingshire where my grandfather came from Ayrshire to work. I find it amazing the distances people travelled in those days for work given the limited transport - our village and neighbouring villages were built around the mining industry which as you know was the main occupation of our forefathers. Many people here have their roots in Ayrshire and Lanarkshire, again historically mining areas - I have my roots in both as my father's family originated from Lanarkshire. Hope to hear from you soon and we can set about filling some gaps in the family tree. I am keen to find out if you have done anything yet on the Irish connection ie. Jean McNeillie as this is one of my personal stumbling blocks.

Robert Sutherland
28-Nov-04, 07:06
Hi Hazel, I have an Elizabeth Sutherland born 1781 in Ulbster. She could very well have married in Canisbay and is around the right age for who you are looking for. Don't know if we might connect through Elizabeth, but it's worth a try.

Robert Sutherland

12-Jan-05, 23:13
I have found one Sutherland in my family tree. Her name is Alexandrina Sutherland and she married a William Cormack on 20th November 1840 in Wick.

I don't have many details but I know they had a daughter called Alexina Cormack who was born in 1845.

Does anyone have any connection with Alexandrina Sutherland?


28-Feb-05, 03:27
Are you related to the late Ella Banks of John o groats area who spent most of her life nursing/

04-Mar-05, 14:21
I am wondering if any of your Banks connect with any Simpson's from Canisbay?
I am working on connecting dots in my Simpson tree and I have a few Banks connected up with them:

Margaret Simpson + Magnus Banks
Canisbay, Caithness M: 28 July 1773

Peter Simpson + Ellen Banks (Helen)
Dunnet, Caithness M: about 1840

George Simpson + Ann Banks
Canisbay, Caithness M 21 Dec 1871

Hugh Simpson + Helen Banks

Margaret Simpson + James Banks
Barrock, Dunnet, Caithness M 15 Feb 1861

Any connections to any of these families it would be great to hear from you.

07-Mar-05, 03:00
HI Hazel,

I have a Don Rees who wants to contact you but only has a hotmail address so he can't access this forum. Contact me at [email protected] and I will pass on his email address to you and then he can ask you the questions that he has.