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01-Apr-06, 20:15
Don't get too carried away planting anything sensitive out just yet ....

Weather type:
Frost and snow

Alert risk period:
02/04/06 12:00 until 06/04/06 12:00

Alert details:
Attention Horticulturists, Garden Centres and gardeners.
Frost for many, snow for a few!

After the recent very mild spell over many areas the cold is set to return from the far north of Scotland.

This will be brought about by a depression moving into Scandinavia during Sunday, coupled with the high pressure over Greenland and Iceland re establishing its influence.

Night time temperatures will fall below zero C over most inland areas from Monday morning, as low as -3 to -4C and even -8C is possible in some sheltered valleys in the north.
Daytime values, away from the south west, typically 3C in the far north (they are already near that for some parts of northern Scotland and the Northern Isles), to about 7C or so.

Snow will also return for some highland areas, chiefly of Scotland and perhaps by Monday into some northern areas of England and lie above about 500ft in northern and central Scotland and above 1000-1500ft for northernmost England.
This seems set to last through much of next week.

Mother Bear
02-Apr-06, 10:27
Thanks for that! I didn't think we had seen the last of the cold weather just yet!