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rs 2k
26-Mar-06, 12:07
hi i am looking for some advice as regarding grass lawns,over the winter my dogs have worn it down and it looks like some one has drove a herd of coo,s over the top of it [lol] should i start again and rotovate the ground and plant new seeds or is there some other way???
what is the best type of grass seed i should use, i live close to the sea will that have any effects.
thanks for looking:D

ice box
26-Mar-06, 20:31
My garden was like that last year just after the winter . So what did was got grass seed and just sprinkled some over the hole garden, it came up lovely .nice lush green grass ...... fit for the cooo'ss

The seed i used was Canadian green.

rs 2k
26-Mar-06, 22:48
thanks for the info icebox,
i will be straight on the case sometime this week seeing as the nights are now drawing longer!!!
hopefully the same will apply for my lawn:lol: :lol:

20-Apr-06, 20:56
Is it alright to cut the lawn in wick yet or better to wait a week or two? My grass isnt that long & Im not too sure?

23-Apr-06, 21:55
got round to cutting mine today and its great :lol: ! needs some tlc to get it back to a nice green colour but better than the clumps that had been annoying me for a couple of months now!