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06-Sep-01, 11:58
hi could anyone tel me how i can find out the family history on this name-PORTEOUS

06-Sep-01, 18:19
Try a book called "The Surnames of Scotland" by George F Black. ISBN No 1-874744-07-6

Bill Fernie
06-Sep-01, 20:15
One place to start is the General Register Office for Scotland. Go to Scots Origins http://www.origins.net/GRO/

You can then start with FREE NAME SEARCH. there are a range of ree services you can try but you might also need to pay for deeper research. You can also visit there and do much of the work yourself for a fee.

there are many other online resources and you will find a list on the Caithness.org links section at http://www.caithness.org/links/geneaology.htm

Genuki is another web site with many Scottish links and sources of information at http://www.genuki.org.uk/big/sct/

If you are looking for anyone with that surname in Caithness try posting another message.

Good Luck