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04-Sep-01, 23:00
Hm, I must admit, the highland games and festival held in sturgis south dakota was interesting. I had alot of complements in regards to the weathered version of the Gunn tartan.

According to the papers printed prior to this festival, Gunn was listed as one of the clans to be represented with a tent there.

Gunn wasn't there, I am curious as to what had happened. Our clan was represented by myself, my husband, my three children and One other fellow whom I didn't get a chance to get his name and his son.

I must admit, I was abit disappointed.

We had no banner to walk in the parade with, so the other fellow there improvised and we used his wifes sash. While being introduced, because we had no banner, we had to shout our clan name<g> It was interesting, the other fellow had a sword with him, raised it up and shouted "Clan Gunn!" at the top of his lungs. The announcer didn't hear it, So the whole group of us shouted it. I think the crowd was just giving us abit of a hard time, in good fun. I hope. :) (next time I'm bringing a banner of my own!)

I helped with the childrens games, when we could finally gather enough children to do them. I missed the adults games though. :/

Maybe next time I'll make it through the heat to see the whole deal.

Just wanted to share my experience with others and ask here if anyone knows what happened with the Clan tent for the sturgis gathering?

Tina Dyer

05-Sep-01, 09:12
Hi Tina,

I was sorry to read of your disappointment at the lack of a Clan Gunn tent at the Surgis Gathering. There's nothing worse if all the other Clans are represented and you are left wondering where your lot are!

Still you seem to have done your bit to show the flag - well done.

I would contact the Clan Gunn Society of North America if I were you and ask where they were. You can get them at http://www.nsynch.com/~clangunn/ and there will be a commissioner responsible for the Sturgis area in the list of Office Bearers.