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25-May-09, 23:25
I tried to register my daughter on the org with my email address,
it will not allow me to do this.

She will be getting her own mail address soon but wanted to join now, i didn't think it would matter and that we could change the address as soon as she got her own.

I know web mail addresses aren't allowed but what do people do if they do not have another mail box?

26-May-09, 10:03
I had to set myself up with a BT broadband email addy on my dad`s BT account as I use Yahoo mail.

I am sure if you don`t know anyone who can help you do this and you contact Bill directly there will be something he can do to help you.

26-May-09, 10:28
If you have an ISP e-mail address (i.e. Tiscali, Orange, BT etc.) most ISPs will allow you to create additional ones - usually by going into your account area on their website and choosing the option to add additional e-mail addresses. That way you can set her up with an address, register her on the Org, then if she gets a different address in the future you can change the registered Org address in your User Control Panel (User CP).

26-May-09, 13:13
Just what I was trying to say Bob, I think.