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William T. Woolmer
23-Oct-03, 02:32
Would appreciate hearing from any members of my Grandfather's family. He was Thomas Dunnett (a stonemason) born to James (a fisherman) & Jessie Dunnett in 1881 in the village of Gills, Canisbay. He had a brother James who married Helen......? Thomas Dunnett emigrated to Canada in the early 1900s & married Elizabeth Smith. They had one daughter (my mother) Nancy.

hugh ross
25-Oct-03, 18:32
If you have not had contact I may be able to assist

Jane H Sinclair
30-Oct-03, 20:42

My Father Billy Dunnett is your Mother's first cousin and lives in Lower Gills. He was delighted to see your message and would like you to get in touch. I await your reply.

William T. Woolmer
04-Nov-03, 02:56
Hello Jane.......am having trouble navigating this website & don't know if you received a lengthy reply I made. Best to email me.... at [email protected]
Thanx....Bill Woolmer