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21-Oct-03, 19:21
Hi there . :)

I received the following email from David and Gwen Waters from Oz trying to find out about Mackay's in their family who either lived in Reay or Thurso. I am unable to help them but please email them back if you have any useful information for them to help them on their way.

Email them on - [email protected]


### start of email ###

I came across your site on the internet while looking for information on my great great grandfather who was supposedly born in Reay or Thurso. Various sources give his birth date as either 1801 or 1807.

His name is George McKay /MacKay and he obviously moved to Liverpool, was a seaman and married Mary Williams there in 1836.

His first child, William, was presumably born in Liverpool before he and his family migrated to South Australia in 1838. South Australia was only 2 years old at the time so he was one of the pioneers of this state. Another child was supposed to have been born on the journey out and many more children born here, including my great grandmother, Mary McKay.

George started off as a seaman, became a sail maker and then Captain exploring and opening up the coastal trade around South Australia. He died in 1891.
I am very interested in finding out more about his Scottish background but unfortunately have no more information other than approximately where and when he was born.
A guess would be that his father's name was William as he named his first son this, presuming he followed a traditional naming pattern. I have not found a George born to a William though.

I have found on the IGI a George McKay baptised 15th April 1809 in Reay to father George and mother Janet McDonald., and the marriage of George McKay and Janet MacDonald as being on 18th Feb 1803 in Reay.
There was also a George baptised 19th April 1808 in Thurso to father Petter and Elizabeth MacKay.

One also baptised on 27th Aug 1810 in Thurso to Hector and Margaret MacKay
Out of those three the first sounds more likely to me.
I was hoping that as you are from Thurso and have a lot of information on the McKay's you may be able to help me find more information from the scant bit I have or put me in touch with another researcher who may be able to help.



Gwen Waters
Mt Gambier
South Australia

### end of email ###


Brian Mackay

Mackay Clan Thurso
www.mackayclan.btinternet.co.uk :D