View Full Version : WILLIAM BUDGE born 1880 in Latheron, Caithness.

11-Oct-03, 16:20
My grandfather went to USA or Canada in 1906 and has been lost to the family ever since. Does anyone know anything of him at all? I'd be so pleased to hear the slightest information.
He was William Budge born in 1880 in Latheron, Caithness - a cooper and stone mason.
His parents were William Budge and Margaret Sutherland who married in 1883.
William Budge's parents were William Budge and Christina Johnstone marr.1851 in Falligoe, Wick.
They had eight children:
Alexander, 1852
Margaret, 1854 marr. George Nicolson in 1876
David, 1856
WILLIAM marr. MARGARET SUTHERLAND 1883(parents of William Budge bn 1880)
Elizabeth, 1862 -1864
John Sinclair 1865 marr Jessie Miller 1895
James Alexander 1865 marr Elizabeth Morris Crowe 1898 in Edinburgh
Elizabeth Miller b 1869

Thank you, Freida Murray

12-Oct-03, 19:20

I would be interested in any information you have on Elizabeth Morris Crowe - dont think I have anything on William Budge, though

12-Oct-03, 19:55
Hallo, I'm sorry I have no information on Elizabeth Morris Crowe, but I'll ask some other folks who are doing a Budge Search.