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23-Feb-01, 17:35
One of my distant relatives was Captain James Forbes who was banished to America in 1654. He was captured by the English in the battle of Phillipbaugh near Selkirk Scotland. He supposedly came from Caithness, Scotland.

Any clue were I can find records from the 17th century Army of Scotland?

12-Mar-01, 23:49
Hello James,

My ancestors were Forbes from Rumster Caithness in late 1700's. I hired Bob O'Hara to research the military records held in archives at Kew. I can get you his email address if you'd like. Best wishes, H. Wood

13-Mar-01, 00:39
Hi again! The Public Record Office is where to begin, although I think they only go back to 1660. (www.pro.gov.uk) Bob O'Hara's website is http://www.searcher.dircon.co.uk and he found my ancestor Donald Stewart's records for 1796-1821. Thankfully, Donald returned home to Caithness after the Napoleonic Wars, and the rest is history! We are in California, but one can accomplish so much on the internet. H. Wood