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17-Sep-03, 23:39
Does anyone remember Alastair A. Phillips, doctor at Dunbeath in the 1950s? He was the nephew of the Rev. George Mackay who was the last person born at the family croft of Clashcraggan, north of Lybster.
Thanks, H. Wood

18-Sep-03, 22:17
He was our family doctor when I was a bairn. I remember him as a flamboyant larger than life person, a bit eccentric.
He committed suicide late fifties or early sixties.

19-Sep-03, 18:45
Hi Kenimac,Thanks very much for writing.

A bit eccentric LOL Well, that confirms he's kin to me and Sassy. Would you happen to remember whether he was married and had children? or anything else about him, like where he lived or where the surgery was? -HW

20-Sep-03, 10:12
As I say I was only a kid but I don't recall him having a wife or kids. In fact I remember him having a bit of a reputation with the ladies (patients maybe)!
His surgery was a large house in Dunbeath next to what is now the Inver pub. I think it may still be the surgery, it certainly was up till a couple of years ago.
There will still be folk in Dunbeath who remember him. Try the Post Office or the heritage centre.
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21-Sep-03, 16:26
Thanks, will prob be coming over the pond next summer, and will check it out.

It turns out we are related by marriage only. Am also getting clues Alastair Phillips was a writer for the Glasgow Herald, and it was his older brother who was the Dr. at Dunbeath. I believe their mother was a Sinclair from Westerdale. So many puzzle pieces LOL
Thanks again, Helen

16-Aug-10, 16:47
Hi Htwood, this is a few years further on fom your post, bit I have just joined the forum. Iain was my Uncle he was married but separated from his wife, he had two adopted children. I you find this thread, perhaps you could contact me.f

25-Aug-10, 16:00
dear htwood,so pleased to get your message.Is it possible for you to get a copy of my uncle Alistair's book , My Uncle George, you can try Amazon,it will tell you all about George Mackay it is a very interesting book and it will tell you all about the Sinclairs as well. Good luck! yours aye. Peggy.

10-Sep-10, 02:48
Thanks very much Peggy, I have the book and its a wonderful glimpse into the past. You never know who you'll meet on the org! Best, H

16-Nov-12, 01:20
My name is David Boyd. Dr Iain Phillips of Dunbeath was my great uncle. He committed suicide in 1966 I think, with a shotgun. Or there was a shotgun accident where he was the only person there. I do not know what the coroner's verdict was. His brother was Alastair Phillips who was a journalist (editor?) of the Glasgow Herald. His other brother was Willie, my grandfather. The story has it from my aunt Hilary Raley (nee Phillips), Iain's niece, that he had been a talented artist in Glasgow in the 30s but that his wife wanted him to be a doctor, so he trained to be a doctor (he was probably in his late 20s, maybe 30s) but couldn't get a practice in Glasgow and took the practice in Dunbeath. His wife, whom I know very little of, did not want to live in Caithness and they split up. My father has several framed drawings Iain did in his house of scenes of Caithness. My brother's name is Iain Phillips Boyd.
I met my great uncle when I was very little but I do not remember him.

16-Nov-12, 09:21
Dr Phillips was very well-known in Caithness when I was growing up elsewhere in the county. I am sure if you contact Dunbeath Heritage Centre (www.dunbeath-heritage.org.uk) they will be able to help you with more information.

21-Jan-14, 19:56
I am new to Caithness.Org and I know its been sometime since the first post regarding Dr. Phillips (Dunbeath) I do just remember him but I have a photo of him if your interested. I have posted it on facebook on the Dunbeath site.