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04-Feb-06, 13:43
saw the thread on the main board and came for a look, but no one has posted yet.
I'll ask a really dumb question here...
I hate gardening, infact i loathe it with a passion but i want a nice garden :roll:
some tips on how i can achieve a nice garden would help.
bad news is the soil in my garden is maybe 4" deep at the most, them i hit rubble and bedrock. i get full force winds and lots od sea spray, the only thing that seems to grow with any success that i have found so far are nettles thistles and dock [lol]
put a few willow tree cuttings in last spring and a couple seem to have survived so that is one corner sorted.
anyone want a challenge and do my garden for me once a month?

Donald W MacDonald
05-Feb-06, 19:59
phone 01847 851264

05-Apr-06, 20:26
what sort of trees grow in auckengill helppppppp:~(

05-Apr-06, 20:47
Try sycamore they seem to grow anywhere.

05-Apr-06, 21:32
thanks for the info brill will try

02-May-06, 22:44
Hi tugs, you might try phlomis, there are several varities and it is very salt resistant.Has a soft silvery leaf and bright yellow flowers will grow in poor soil and just needs the odd prune to get it down to size,if you like will bring you some cuttings next time north.