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17-Jul-03, 17:24
I'm trying to locate my ancestors who resided in Caithness (Brough) during 17/1800's.
Donald Sutherland (Farmer or Agricultural Labourer)who died in 1876 aged 102
and his wife Barbara Mcleod.
Donalds parents were Robert Sutherland (Farmer)& Janet or Jannet Gunn.
Barbara his wife died in 1877 aged 79
Barbaras parents were George Mcleod (a Farmer) & Euphemia Mckenzie
Donald & Barbara both resided in Brough from 1841 Census until there deaths
Their Family consisted of George,Margaret,Barbara & possibly a Robert.
George moved to England (Cheshire,Lancashire then Mallerstang & Cockfield (Co. Durham) during late 1800's)
which is were my Link comes in
No information available on rest of family.
Any more help would be appreciated.