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18-Feb-01, 22:30
Thanks to the photograph of Staxigoe 1920 my husband Wynn has seen his Grandmother and other members of his family for the first time.Wynn had never had the oppertunity to meet them and as you can imagine it was quite an emotional time.Also my children have also been able to see their distant relatives for the first time,they are at an age when they are forever asking about their dads family,they are 7 and 8.Wynns dad is Donald Macdonald his mother was Annie Dunnet.

Cisher Macdonald,Jackie Dunnet,Bettie Don were his brothers and sister.We live now in Newport South Wales,Wynn and his family moved here in 1979.We have been up to Wick a few times and I think given the chance he would move back to Wick tomorrow!Let`s face it Wick is a beautiful place.Wynn is thirty three and at last he has seen some of his family now,without this picture their images would have remained unknown.I know Wynn would be grateful for any more pictures of the area,it would mean a lot.I am Wynns wife Deborah,I know Wynn is very proud of his place of birth and any more information would be gratefully received.

Bill Fernie
19-Feb-01, 00:40
Glad the pictures were a pleasant surprise. We have a bit more on Staxigoe to come. A section on modern Staxigoe and a section on some Staxigoe history.

You may be interested to know that Mr Plowman who supplied the pictures will be coming to see the web site on Tuesday. So we have not finished with Staxigoe yet. We have had reactions to them from the USA also. We have some work to do before the pages will be ready so keep watching. Let us know when you are next visiting. Send us a web site near you for our new list to show where Caithness folk went.