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08-Aug-01, 11:51
Hi, i have just decided to try and track down my family tree, using the net as my main resource since im no longer in thurso. Has anyone got any useful sites that dont require you to have a credit card for any information

thanks in advance



Bill Fernie
08-Aug-01, 22:03
I have listed quire a few on the links list at http://www.caithness.org/links/geneaology.htm

14-Aug-01, 20:32
Hi shelly

I also have lots of caithness ancestors and found the site http://www.familysearch.com quiet useful if you have names and places of birth/marriage. I also keep a lookout on message boards, especially the rootsweb ones, for people looking for the same family. I have found distant relations in Australia and New Zealand already, and I have only been doing research for 6 months.

yours caraid