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Robert Sutherland
08-Jul-03, 05:20
I'm brand new to this site and would like to start by saying hi to all. Purpose: to find others who may be related to my line of Sutherland's and to probe further back in time. Briefly, here's my line:
gggg-grandparents: James Sutherland, b 1749, Wick and Margaret Forbes, b abt 1753.
ggg-grandparents: John Sutherland, b 1789, Wick, and Catherine Harrold, b 1795.
gg-grandparents: James Sutherland, b 1814, Wick and Isabella Ritchie, b 1818, Canisbay.
g-grandparents: William Sutherland, b 1846, Wick and Amelia Bain, b 1850, Castletown.
grandparents: William Sutherland, b 1884, Edinburgh and Georgina Keith McKay, b 1897, Fife.
Although I'm fairly confident that James is my gggg-grandfather, I've not proved that this James and Margaret Forbes are the correct ones. Any help would be much appreciated. Does this sound familure to anyone?

09-Jul-03, 17:53
Hi Robert
Welcome to this site.

Remember me :o) we link via brothers - your James b 1814 and my John b 1816(married to Catherine Wares).

I have no further information at moment to give you although I have been in touch with current James quite a bit. I will be in Wick soon and may find out more info.

Let me know if you get any further info?


elaine j
11-Jul-03, 17:52
Just a thought, have you tried to find the death certificate for John Sutherland using the site scotlandspeople.gov.uk ?
I have just checked the free index there and there is a death in 1865 in Wick Burgh for a John Sutherland aged 76. For 1 you can see the complete entry which shouldl give you the name of his wife and both his parents. If the wife is Catherine Harold you will have solved your problem !

elaine j
13-Jul-03, 11:35
Since I posted the previous message I have been using scotlandspeople.gov.uk myself and as I had some credits left and due to expire I checked out that cert for you. It is the correct one but unfortunately ( and unusually ) when John's son James registered the death he didn't know the name of his grandmother so you are no further on. Here are the details anyway :
14 July 1865
John Sutherland, widower of Catherine Harrold
fisherman, Saltoun St Pulteneytown, aged 76yrs
Parents : James Sutherland, farmer, deceased (no mother given )
Cause : old age and debility
Informant : James Sutherland, son present

If you could find the death cert for someone you are sure is a sibling of John you could find their parents that way. Good Luck !

Elise Linney
03-Oct-03, 09:42
Could you please email me on [email protected] as I would like to discuss with you any info you may have on your gg grandfather James Sutherland and Isabella Ritchie, married in Canisbay, as my father told me we were related to Ritchies and my gg grandfather was also named James Sutherland and came from Canisbay.
JE Linney

05-Mar-04, 06:56
hi i am related through Isabel Ritchie. Would love to make contact to find what happend to here. willing to swap information on her line. Thanks Julie