View Full Version : Just Testing!

12-Sep-08, 13:22

Hi, just posting a new thread on for testing

toy boy
22-Sep-08, 16:11
:roll: new boy on the block

22-Sep-08, 16:13
I hope I have sucessfully replied. stamper.

22-Sep-08, 16:18
hello thursa chick:~(

arana negra
22-Sep-08, 16:26
Hello and welcome :D

23-Sep-08, 08:25
Hi All

You are posting great!!

Stamper - your reply is spot on ;)

Arana Negra - love your new avatar :lol:

I'm a bit lost eday without e general section but never mind, will have to go and get me daughter dressed instead of sitting at is computer :eek:

arana negra
23-Sep-08, 13:43
Nibbler thanks I love it, sums up my state of mind some days right now, life can be such a pile of poo !

Aye a bit lost too without it, power failure in Madrid put most of the Spanish internet off till a wee while ago. The general threads are so diverse it is a loss for sure :(

madam butterfly
27-Oct-08, 15:56
Just testing too

15-Jul-09, 20:58
Testing just signed up and hoping things work:):) EDIT: Yippeeee !!!! it all works I even get my art website in my signature thank you caithness.org