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05-Sep-08, 10:51
Ever wondered what those acronyms we all see but not always know what they mean? Wonder no more-just check the following list for the meaning. If there is any you know of that's not on the list could you please add to it.

! Comment
? Question
\M/ Metal
<3 Heart
121 One-to-one
20 Location
2G2BT Too good to be true
2moro Tomorrow
2nite Tonight
404 Haven't got a clue
AAK Asleep at keyboard
ACK Acknowledgement
ADR Address
AFAIC As far as I'm concerned
ASAP As soon as possible
ASL Age, sex, location
ATM At the moment
ATWD Agree that we disagree
B/C Because
B4 Before
BBW Big beautiful woman
BF Boyfriend
BI5 Back in five
BRB Be right back
BTDT Been there done that
BTN Better than nothing
BTW By the way
BTWBO Be there with bells on
BYOB Bring your own bottle
CAAC Cool as a cucumber
CF Coffee freak
CIAO Goodbye (in Italian)
CM Call me
CMU Crack me up
COS Change of subject
CRAT Can't remember a thing
CRBT Crying real big tears
CTC Care to chat?
CYM Check your e-mail
DHYB Don't hold your breath
DQMOT Don't quote me on that
DYHAB or DYHAG Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend
EAK Eating at keyboard
EG Evil grin
EOM End of message
EZ Easy
F2F Face to face
FF Friends forever
FTW For the win
G1 Good one
GAL Get a life
GAP Got a pic?
GF Girlfriend
GG Good game
GMAB Give me a break
GOK God only knows
GR8 Great
gratz Congratulations
GRRR Growling
GSOH Good sense of humour
GTG Got to go
HT Hi there
IC I see
IBK Idiot behind keyboard
IM Instant message
IMHO In my humble opinion
IONO I don't know
IYD In your dreams
IYQ I like you
J/K Just kidding/joking
J4F Just for fun
KIT Keep in touch
LABATYD Life's a bitch and then you die
LOL Laugh out loud
MB Message board
M4C Meet for coffee
meh Whatever
MIRL Meet in real life
MMORPG/MMO Massive Multi-player Online Role-Playing Game
MYOB Mind your own business
N1 Nice one
natch Naturally
NE Anyway
NE1 Anyone
n00b Newbie
NP No problem
NSA No strings attached
NSFW Not safe for work
NUFF Enough said
NVM Never mind
NW No way
OMG Oh my God
OT Off topic
OTT Over the top
PD Public domain
PLS Please
POV Point of view
pwned Beaten, owned
REHI Hello again
ROFL or ROTFL Roll on floor laughing
RU Are you?
RUOK Are you OK?
SIC Spelling is correct
SITD Still in the dark
SOHF Sense of humour failure
SOZ Sorry
STR8 Straight
STW Search the web
TBH To be honest
TC Take care
TTFN Ta ta for now
THX or TXS Thanks
WAYN Where are you now?
WB Write back or welcome back
w00t Jubilation, joy
WTH what the heck
WYP What's your problem?
Y Why?
YHM You have mail
yr Year
ZZZ Sleeping or bored

arana negra
05-Sep-08, 11:10
Nope never wondered don't do text/chat speak normally ignore it.

05-Sep-08, 13:00
IIRC - If I recall correctly

05-Sep-08, 13:01
LMAO - Laugh(ing) my ass off

23-Sep-08, 08:27
Must remember that one Sapphire2803

I do get a bit lost with them sometimes but am getting there - me thinks :confused

23-Sep-08, 15:26
PMSL - peeing myself laughing

28-Sep-08, 10:52
I just read a six page document that contained 46 acronyms that seemed to be repeatedly used. In the end I just had to write them all down in a list in order to make any sense of the work.

28-Sep-08, 11:51
AFAIK - As far as I know

ROFLMAO - Rolling on floor laughing my ass off

M8 - Mate

L8 - Late