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30-Jul-01, 20:37
I inherited from my late father a book of Caithness photographs taken in 1948 by Herbert Sinclair, an expatriated Wicker.

The book is called Over the Ord. Some of the photos are not of the greatest quality because as Sinclair admits he was having "some trouble" with his camera.

Over the Ord also contains some interesting essays on matters Caithnessian plus some poetry in dialect.

A couple of pages deal with the making of the film, The Silver Darlings. What ever became of that movie? And whatever became of Herbert Sinclair and his works? Am I the only possessor of Over the Ord? I hope not because the pages are starting to fall out...

Bill Fernie
30-Jul-01, 23:26
There are quite few copies of that much sought after book in Caithness. they come up in auctions from time to time and fetch quite good prices. If only the original authors had known they would have trebled the print run.

31-Jul-01, 14:24
Thanks, Bill. Maybe some of those pics from Over the Ord could be put on the site.

Herbert Sinclair also produced two other, earlier, books: Caithness in 1925, and Caithness My Home. I wonder if there are any copies around....?

08-Aug-01, 00:02
Hi All: I am the proud owner of 2 copies of Over The Ord. My grandfather, Alexander McDonald received one of them as a gift shortly after they were printed. His blue eyes would glow as he thumbed through the pages remembering home. (He left Caithness in 1906 to come to Montana.) I would sit at his knee & listen to 'And I worked with this man, and I went to this place, I knew that lady........'. The book became a very important part of his life, and now my own. His neice gave me her copy of the book while we were in Scotland in 1983, hence my 2 books! I have used poetry from the book for skits & readings. We even named our 1987 family reunion "Over The Ord".

07-Feb-09, 03:40
I have this book too My G-daughter's in laws found it in a second hand shop in Aberdeen and sent it to me. It's aprize posession. robyn

09-Feb-09, 21:28
As an alternative to the originals, Highland News Group Ltd produced a combined "Over the Ord" and "Caithness Your Home" in one book in 1994, ISBN 1 871704 15 4
Don't know what the print run was but they are probably more likely to be in bookshops and car boot sales than the originals.

09-Feb-09, 21:41
I have original copies of all three of Herbert Sinclair's books. Also the dual title reprint. I have 30+ 'Caithness' books going to the Quoybrae Auction later this month but the Sinclair ones will be staying here for the time being.