View Full Version : Animated avatar

06-Jul-08, 19:17
Can anyone give me instructions on how to have an animated avatar. I can manage to get it on the org page but it dosent move. Anybody help?

06-Jul-08, 19:23
It's probably not working as there is a dimension (80 x 80 pixels I think) and file size (canna mind!) limit for avatars. If you do find one bigger than 80 x 80 pixels then you can use this (http://www.gifworks.com/image_editor.html) online GIF editor to reduce it and this may also reduce the file size to something acceptable.

Look forward to seeing the new avatar!

06-Jul-08, 19:59
Did it at last. Thanks bob. There's no stopping me now.

07-Jul-08, 10:54
Ahhh time to see if I can create an animated one now. Didn't know you could have an animated one on here. :)

02-Aug-08, 08:00
If anyone whats one pm me and I will send you a selection by e-mail, I got quite a few.