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16-Jun-03, 04:36
My name is Jane Barnie, Adelaide, South Australia.

I am trying to find some information about the following: Cross Stitch Sampler dated 1892 by Jane Barnie, who went to West Public School, Thurso. It was given to by my Grandmother formally Margaret Mowat, Portland Arms Hotel, Lysbter.

To solve the mystery, any information would be great.

Kind regards
Jane Barnie

26-Jul-08, 20:01
Hi Jane,

I know this is a very old thread but I'm a relatively new member to the forum and have been checking through some of the previously posted questions. If you are still checking the forum, would you please contact me. I'm quite sure that I can solve the mystery of the sampler done by Jane.


27-Jul-08, 01:14
I'll leave you to it, Lauren!

27-Jul-08, 03:58
Thanks 'Oddquine'. I just hope Jane is still checking the forum. If any one knows her, would you let her know to post a message to me. Thanks so much!