View Full Version : a .orger for posting pictures?

14-Apr-08, 20:54
just wondering how many posts/days one has to wait before one can post pictures on this forum.

14-Apr-08, 20:59
Not sure but would love to see the pictures of the white wagtail when you can.

15-Apr-08, 15:05
looks like i have to do 30 posts before i can put pictures on here so it may be some time lol. Will try and remember to post it altough its not a good shot of the thing (why wont they sit and pose), i took it just for identification more than anything.

15-Apr-08, 21:53
ok post number 30 lol lets see if that makes any difference and see what it lets me do :lol:

15-Apr-08, 23:34
and it still dont post lol you sure its 30 posts and not 40?


17-Apr-08, 12:32
OK i got to the magic 30 posts and this makes you into a member not an .orger. becoming an orger does not seem to be post specific or time specific (check members list in date order and go to last page) Its not even specific to number of posts per day or popularity (green box rating). Being an avid wildlife photographer and having a photography, birdwatching and biodiversity section you can't post pictures on seems a bit ridiculous. Perhaps someone who knows the system of progression on the Forum could drop a few hints so new members would not be "stumbling in the dark" so to speak. It would be better for the Forum if there was some sort of progression guideline so that members would know what they were up against so to speak. There is nothing on the site at the moment that lets you know.

17-Apr-08, 14:28
Ok this has been answered lol Thanks again but we still need something on the site to let other people know:D

17-Apr-08, 18:40
I never noticed any problem?

17-Apr-08, 18:50
can you not do it even through photobucket?

17-Apr-08, 19:36
can you not do it even through photobucket?

As far as I am aware the problem the_count is having is that as a member rather than an orger he is somehow unable to post pictures.

Perhaps someone from admin could advise him as he is anxious to share his images with us and it would be a shame if he didn't stick around to contribute to the wonderful photography section that inspired him to join.

17-Apr-08, 20:01

17-Apr-08, 20:03
ahhhh success lol

if at first you dont succeed ... skydiving aint for you lol:lol:

17-Apr-08, 20:20
Hmm only two piccies a post this means an awful lot of posts lol 150 posts will not be a problem lol :lol:

18-Apr-08, 12:31
just testing a site i have thousands of pictures on so this probably wont work lol
so skydrive doesn't work then maybe its a size problem (most of my piccies are 2meg size) i will look into it