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12-Apr-08, 11:49
Hi! Can anyone give me some well tried suggestions.

My favourite flowers are Primulas, but it's sods law that because of that it is the one thing I just never seen to manage to grow from seed.

I've sown them direct into the soil outdoors in the Autumn-nothing.

I've sown some in small pots and put them in the fridge for about a week and then in a small propogator-still nothing.

Any suggestions most welcome?

12-Apr-08, 22:10
I grew polyanthus from seed they must be similarly difficult to grow from
seed, they were sown in the greenhouse in early September, very slow growing and have just planted them out, they are flowering now, we live on the coast in West Sussex.
They were my second attempt, I think the first failure was due to to much heat
during germination, is your propagator heated.

13-Apr-08, 16:16
Thanks for that.

My propogator is just a cheap thing I'm afraid: unheated and I kept the vents open to keep the temperature down.

I also sowed Polyanthus seed last year and they are coming up fine in the bed I planted them out in-but I'm afraid Primula Vulgaris has me stumped!

Thanks for replying.

Humerous Vegetable
14-Apr-08, 09:08
Hi. I don't know where you live, but I find I get quite a lot of self-seeded common primroses and drum-headed primulas in my garden outside Thurso. Also cowslips self-seed here in a very exposed spot.