View Full Version : Can anyone identify please?

08-Apr-08, 19:44

Have this growing , the new leaves are a bright copper colour which slowly turn green, is a shrub. height about 4ft , girth the same, really glows when the sun strikes it.Planted it some years back and can't mind the name.

09-Apr-08, 07:01
http://www.hedging.co.uk/acatalog/pics_10258.html (http://www.hedging.co.uk/acatalog/pics_10258.html)

Is this it ?

I have one and it's a glorious plant to have !


09-Apr-08, 10:12
Thanks very much, yes that seems to be it, will go label it right now!

09-Apr-08, 10:58
Oh I like that - must see if I can get one of them.

12-Apr-08, 22:16
Certainly looks like Photinia we have just bought one at our local nursery for
5.95 but have seen poorer looking specimens for twice that price in the Garden Centres.

14-Apr-08, 18:01
Photinia Red Robin.
One of my favourite plants ever. I dragged my one up here from Lincolnshire, it was a good 6 ft tall but now it's nothing more than a stick. :( Guess it's just too hard for it here.
Lovely plant though

Mother Bear
14-Apr-08, 21:11
Homebase were selling a few off at half price yesterday........3.49 ....I couldn't resist one...but the label does say 'protect from cold drying winds' so I will have to find it a nice sheltered spot.......not easy!

14-May-08, 11:25
I want one very pretty it is :D