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05-Apr-08, 15:58
Can anyone give us a little bit of advice please?

We have bought Duke of York (1st earlies) and Kerrs Pinks (maincrop) to plant in our veg plot. Do we plant them all at the same time?

Still new to this veg plot thing, last year was our first and we only planted 1 variety.

Going to do some parsnips and onions too - had great success with parsnips last year, but not tried onions before.

07-Apr-08, 13:28
You could plant them all together or you could leave them until may and then plant the rest so you will have late spuds for the winter months..We have ours out now but will put in a late batch for the october....Hope you do well with your onions, ours came up last year, infact we had a good crop of veg...

Hope this helps.or you could try this link

I find this a good link to read for advise..


07-Apr-08, 17:44
Just rotavated my allotment this morning - took two runs it was so overgrown. I shall be getting my spuds, beans and pumpkins in as soon as possible. Might wait until May for the pumpkins, though.

07-Apr-08, 18:01
I Aways Planted The Earlys First Sharps Express Is Another Good Early. Kerrs Is More Of A Main Crop Used To Put Them Down Last.
Is It Onion Setts You Intend To Get They Work Quite Wellbut Keep
Popping Out Until You Get Them Rooted
Would Keep Spuds Well Heaped Up Yet For Frost Regards Tony