20-May-03, 11:30
Hi is there anybody out there researching BREMNER? Yes I know it's a very common name in Wick. My Bremners came from Pultneytown. The most recent names are my grandad's brothers, George joined the Seaforths and moved to Edinburgh, John (my grandad b. 1892 - moved to Edinburgh) Andrew (nickname 'Cocker' - lived at Cairndhuna Terrace and died in Wick 1969) and Peter. They all lived at Huddart Street around 1890. I'd love to hear from anyone who may have known them or their descendants or indeed family.

(m.s. Bremner)

Ciocia Laura
20-Feb-05, 03:07
My family is full of BREMNERs, though i don't have too much information yet. My grandmother was an OAG and her paternal grandmother, Isabella BREMNER was the first wife of John OAG. She died around 1911, i think. Her parents were both BREMNERs, James (i think) and Elizabeth. (i'm temporarily without access to my data.)
Their son, John OAG, is listed here on the Caithness page's WWI memorial; he died at the Somme.

04-Mar-05, 22:48
Spoke to my father tonight see if we can help you out. We are from a family o' hunners o' Bremners! All from Pultney! He's now talking to the hunners o' ither Bremners. Hopefully we'll get them tracked down - or muddle up nicely for you! First thought that comes across his mind is we are talking about relations of Stoopag Bremner - don't know if we have the right thread here but here's hoping - keep an eye on this post.....