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30-Mar-08, 21:53
I got an amaryillis as a Christmas gift,I have watered regularly and its growing fine. Thereby lies the problem, its growing like ruddy wildfire its about 12 - 18 inches high now and taking over my kitchen window sill. Will it stand being planted outside as I can barely see out of the window any more? If not what other suggestions do you green fingered folks have?:roll:

30-Mar-08, 22:24
I've never known these to survive outside especially up here. You will probably find that the extra growth is down to lack of light, you sometimes get this with daffodills! I'm taking it there is no sign of a flower yet? I would try to put it somewhere a little lighter or another windowsill facing another direction, might already be too late though!

30-Mar-08, 23:35
Amaryllis do grow tall. Between 12"-18". They won't survive outdoors as they are an indoor plant.
If it is as tall as you say it should be in flower by now, unless it has already flowered. If it has already flowered then you will need to leave it in the pot until the leaves die back and turn brown.
This puts all the goodness back into the bulb. Once all the leaves have turned brown they can be separated from the bulb and the bulb can be stored at ambient temperature until next time.
When storing the bulb try placing it in a brown paper bag or cardboard box with wood shavings making sure the bulb is away from the cold and damp.
Hope this helps.

31-Mar-08, 09:33
Thanks, it flowered a while back and now has lengthy vibrant green leaves. As you say, will leave it till it dies back and store it for next year.