View Full Version : No direct sunlight

23-Mar-08, 10:46
I have a corner in my garden that never sees direct sunlight.
Can anyone suggest anything that would grow well here

23-Mar-08, 14:33
ferns and hostas

If its quite a wet area then gunnera survives up here

Mister Squiggle
24-Mar-08, 15:24
Good question Changilass. I have a courtyard that never sees direct sun and am wanting to put some tubs of plants around. I'd also like to grow something up one of the walls just to break up the expanse.
Any ideas?

24-Mar-08, 16:35
try this for a wall that is in shade

Hydrangea anomala ssp. petiolaris

24-Mar-08, 20:59
My back garden has clay soil and hardly gets any sunlight in one area and through trial and error I have a few things that have grown quite well, they are as follows Astillbe's, Sea Holly, Fox Gloves, Wild Geraniums, Butterfly Bushes and Escallonnias (excuse the spelling) The Escallonnias are evergreen too so they would provide colour all year round, they produce small flowers in the summer. I have found that they grow really quickly too. Hope this will be of some help to you and happy gardening.

18-May-08, 16:52