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08-Nov-05, 17:23
The tooth fairy,Santa Claus, snow White,A Little Leprechaun,A Tramp & A Lifelong Celtic fan were walking down the road one day,when some one noticed a Twenty pound note lying in the gutter at the side of the road. Which one of the gang picked it up?? A. The Tramp, Coz none of the others exsist:p :p :p

08-Nov-05, 17:29
Excellent. Appealed to my sense of humor!!

08-Nov-05, 19:28
Love it !willowbankbear.

08-Nov-05, 23:33
now that is funny lol

09-Nov-05, 14:09
I've heard a veriation of that joke. Same thing except it's an intellegent man, intellegant woman and santa clause are in a lift and see a 20 note. Who picks it up? Intellegent man because the others don't exist.

09-Nov-05, 22:30
my ribs ache!!

09-Nov-05, 22:32
my ribs ache!!why? did you fall over,cause its not with laughter,that aint funny!!!

twee dledum
10-Nov-05, 01:36
:rolleyes: Is that meant to be funny?

Lesta da molesta
10-Nov-05, 02:10
coke77 is a big grump

Lesta da molesta
10-Nov-05, 02:10
geezer big hips

11-Nov-05, 01:31
oh lester how rude, men do have big hips but we usually say big bum,
i am happy its smaller than yours:D

11-Nov-05, 12:43
Big Bums? ........... thought it went round the front on men lol:rolleyes:

29-Nov-05, 19:17
The joke about the intelligent man, intelligent woman, and santa clause in a lift is NOT funny. >-(

30-Nov-05, 10:57
Just to even the score re the lift joke!

'Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes!' LOL