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13-Mar-08, 14:37
What am I doing wrong? Every year I have a go at sowing various different types of seeds but they never come up.
I sowed some tomato seeds and cucumber seeds 10 days and so far - nowt! Not even a smidging of an appearance. I've sown other types of seeds too this year but nothings coming up. Incidentally they're all grown in a propagator (unheated) inside a double glazed greenhouse.
Any ideas?
I really don't want to have to resort to plug plants for absolutely everything but it's looking more and more like I'm going to have to. Or am I just not giving them enough time? most seed packets says 7-14 days so I would have hoped to see something by now. I go away for 2 weeks next week and if there's still nothing when I get back I think I should give up on them huh?

13-Mar-08, 17:35
Give them time. Bottom heat is nearly essential for starting off tomatoes, and lots of other seeds. Invest in a small heated propagator. It will last for years, and well worth the cost. Have had one on the go for nearly 20 years.

13-Mar-08, 23:24
As we're taught in school....seeds need WOW to propagate...


14-Mar-08, 09:21
Oh eck! I thought the propagator would be warm enough. Seems not.:( The propagator does sit on polystyrene if that helps? :lol: And it is in a very warm greenhouse.

14-Mar-08, 09:43
Try putting them in the dark for a while? maybe they're too damp or too dry? Give them time if it's only been 10 days

14-Mar-08, 12:03
If you want to try putting seeds in the dark, just cover with a piece of damp newspaper, and keep it damp. I wrap the whole seed tray in clingfilm, and this seems to keep in the moisture, without it drying up too much.

14-Mar-08, 15:02
Good luck!