View Full Version : Pond weed!

13-Mar-08, 14:33
Does anyone know if it's safe to use pond weed around the garden?
We have a mini lake and we get loads of this stuff out every year and was just wondering if there was something I could use it for.
Is it safe to use as mulch? Safe on the compost heap? Or does anyone know if it rots down in its own heap, quickly?

14-Mar-08, 17:03
ANYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cool:

16-Mar-08, 09:11
Porshie.. I use it as a mulch and also put it in the compost. It does compost down quite quickly, as the cells contain much less lignin in their walls.

17-Mar-08, 14:26
Thanks Ricco, that's brilliant! We get heaps of the stuff every year and it seems a shame to nothing with it.
I'll start chucking it on the compost heap then and use it as a mulch round the garden.