View Full Version : Gardening gets lazier

09-Mar-08, 02:16
Now we all either hate gardening or love it but how far would you go to get the job done with less effort.......

This Far.....http://news.sky.com/skynews/article/0,,91221-1308468,00.html

09-Mar-08, 04:41
I think it is a waste of money!

10-Mar-08, 14:12
my sentiments exactly...Nowt batter than cuttng the grass yourself, but i bet it takes off for those with the money.....

10-Mar-08, 14:19
little wonder we are all becoming fat, the only pounds you shed while cutting the grass there are from your pocket :roll: never mind all the healthy eating initiatives, how about get off your hips and do something initiatives :roll: