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08-Mar-08, 14:58
Following on from rob's thread I got to thinking about my own houseplants and realised that the majority of them are now at least 10 years old some are even 15.:D

What is your record for keeping a plant alive?

08-Mar-08, 16:03
probably 5 months - and that was a cactus!! I'm rubbish at keeping plants!! :roll:

08-Mar-08, 18:22
Mine was my Clivia which I made reference to in the 'Trinkie's Kaffir Lily' thread. I must have had it at least 35 years when it was attacked by the leatherback beetle - I was so sad to lose it.
But now Trinkie has kindly given me an offshoot of her Kaffir Lily - if it lasts as long as it the Clivia I think I would need to leave it in my will!!!:lol:


09-Mar-08, 19:53
Mine is LOONGG but I can't remember how long or what plant....

09-Mar-08, 20:47
I obviously didn't keep it that long but once was given an aspidistra that came out of an old woman's house when she died and it was reckoned to be about 90 years old.

09-Mar-08, 21:37
I have part of a christmas cactus which must be getting on towards 35 years!

mums angels
09-Mar-08, 23:04
My mother has a rubber plant ( i think) its been alive for as long as i can remember i and i'm 26 ...it's huge , touches the roof and very wide :D alot of her plants are very old ... i am now in charge of watering etc as shes away and i'm paranoid i will kill them ...:eek:

13-Mar-08, 10:12
6 weeks only ..I buy ..I kill..I buy more its a never ending cycle !

If its only half dead i give the sorry looking thing to my mum to reserect:lol:

oh well at least i try!