View Full Version : Data table?

08-Mar-08, 14:33
Is there any way to use VB code or tags to produce a data table in a post?

Thanks for any advice.

Niall Fernie
10-Mar-08, 12:44
Not as far as I am aware.

You can add tags to the system but I would tend to stay away from anything that adds table html to a page that is already crammed full of tables and divs. One slip in a users coding of a table and the whole page would be messed up really badly.

You could use the "pre" tag for pre formatted text and lay the table out with spaces:

Test Title Test Results
---------- ------------
One Thing 5%
Another 10%
Total 15%

I'd suggest using notepad to format the data and pasting in between pre tags before posting, if you preview your post it will mess up your formatting.