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06-Feb-08, 00:35
Must be the time of year.

Oh well, I think my snowdrops are coming into flower - haven't checked since the weekend. Tulips and daffs are out of the ground by a couple of inches. Don't think there have been any mysterious plant disappearances so far this winter. Fish all present, correct and torpid at bottom of pond.

If anyone finds a compost bin in a field somewhere between Spittal and Watten you can have it - I've got a couple of others.

How's everyone else getting on?

07-Feb-08, 19:53
Interested to hear about your snowdrops.

I have daffodils and primulas which will come up later, but maybe you could tell me, if I buy some Snowdrops in flower this weekend and plant them, will it be to early or will I end up killing them, or will they survive and come up again next year?

07-Feb-08, 22:46
Snowdrops should be planted when 'in the green' ie after flowering. If the bulbs dry out, I wont say it is impossible to get them to grow, but definately a limited number will grow. Watch the gardening mags as they always have adverts at this time for snowdrops.

10-Feb-08, 17:49
No snowdrops unfortunately but i have noticed that my small willow tree has started budding.We got it established last year and hope for beautifull yellow catkins this year..Also waiting for the rest of the palnts to show some life...
Just waiting for things to warm up so can get our veg garden going again...

12-Feb-08, 21:11
Been away all weekend, then work, so have missed the good weather. I've never actually planted any snowdrops - just inherited them. Would like more but the bulbs seems so expensive for so little compared to other bulbs. There's oodles of them growing round about here that aren't in anyone's garden, and I have to resist the temptation almost daily this time of year to stick a trowel in my pocket when I walk the dog . . . .

14-Feb-08, 20:41
hi good sign that spring is early this year my horse -chessnut tree buds are burst and very sticky ,buds should open out in around next two weeks,sooner spring come the better,must start greenhouse soon.

14-Feb-08, 23:52
Heard my first lawnmower yesterday; in fact two of them. Let's hope they don't get together........:lol:

Anne x
17-Feb-08, 01:17
I inherited my snowdrops and what a sight they are glorious clumps of upright white lovelies in nooks under hedges and trees and by the pond from (what I remember of my youth seeing clumps grow in the wild Rhives wood Golspie ) Mine are quite new as they are thicker bolder not so straggly as in the wild
I had decided to plant some more last Autumn but was put off by (the price a lot a money ) for a few bulbs but now I will transplant them after flowering Split them and move for next year
A lovely Spring flower and so welcome and so pretty

17-Feb-08, 22:09
Saw some lambs today, over Bower way I think it was, or by Gillock or Watten (I was all over the place today).