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31-Jan-08, 19:32
Can anyone tell me when I should plant raspberry bushes ?and where I can buy them from?

01-Feb-08, 01:14
AK, I order just about everything I need from Sutton's seed catalogue or go online at http://www.suttons.co.uk/default.aspx because I think they're really good and I've never had anything but high quality from them. Also, there's so much choice in everything compared to locally. I just looked up their raspberry bushes and they're saying for delivery from now through March.

My fruit book says bare-rooted canes should be planted Nov-Dec, or even March if Nov-Dec not possible, but container-grown plants can be planted any time of the year.

01-Feb-08, 11:01
If you take delivery o the raspberry can and the weather is poor, or the ground is sodden, put them in plant pots and put them in the ground when the weather improves. I do this with lots of plants and it seems to work

01-Feb-08, 21:40
thanks both going to have a look on website now x

24-Feb-08, 01:39
Sorry, a bit late replying - but I have found this supplier offers excellent value and very good quality. Also if you want they sent regular emails with planting/pruning advice etc etc - picked up quite a few tips!


24-Feb-08, 02:09
we spotted some in Homebase, wick if you are in the area. (9.99) per bush....
they have many friut trees aswell................