View Full Version : How do I...........

Humerous Vegetable
22-Jan-08, 14:38
.....switch my HTLM thingy back on? I don't post very often, but found a couple of weeks ago that I had no access to colours, bold, underlining etc which seem to have disappeared since I last posted. I have looked in edit but can't find any way to switch it on again. Thanks for any help given.

22-Jan-08, 14:51
Go into your User CP and then to Edit Options, now scroll to the bottom and under Misc Options is the Message Editor Interface. Just choose Enhanced Interface .... from the drop down box and then click Save Changes.

Hey Presto!

Humerous Vegetable
22-Jan-08, 15:33
Thanks, but I'm already on enhanced - it was the 1st thing I checked.