20-Apr-03, 10:48

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas or opinions on this!

I am trying to find out where William Carter came from.

Everyone I talk to who descends from the Carter Family of Dunbeath believes that we are originally from England and I am trying to confirm this.

I recently received this from a cousin and was wondering if anyone out there had access to old papers, documents etc?

Have you read the book The Highland Clearances by John Prebble? Well on
pages 26-29 it mentions how Cheviot sheep were brought to Caithness, to the
Langwell Estate by Sir John Sinclair of Ulbster. ...Five hundred breeding
ewes and a proportionate number of rams were put upon one of his farms at
Langwell (an estate which he had bought for 9,000). 'To the astonishment
of the Shepherds, WHO WERE STRANGERS TO THE COUNTRY, and of the natives who
thought that sheep were so debilitated an animal that they ought to be
housed in the winter season, not one of the flock died from cold, disease,
or hunger; and as they throve equally well in the year 1792 .............'
On page 26 it mentions two NORTHUMBRIANS who had brought the Cheviot sheep
as far as East Lothian. Do Cheviot sheep originate in Northumbria? If they
do then you might want Northumbrian men, who already know how to look after
them, to help you to settle these sheep. Getting hold of old books and
pamphlets on sheep farming in the 1790's/1800's might offer some clues

William was a Farm Manager at Langwell Estate.

He had an illegitimate son Charles Carter to a Marion Sutherland in 1805. She was a Servant and they never married as far as I know.

Any ideas please get in touch.


Anna :D