View Full Version : Voters voting twice?

11-Jan-08, 21:23

Is there a way to vote twice?:confused

11-Jan-08, 21:36
Rheghead, did you try? Did you go through the list and see if people had their names recorded twice?

11-Jan-08, 21:42
Yes, there is someone who has voted twice.

11-Jan-08, 21:46
Depends on whether the poll originator has opted for allowing multiple votes.
It is an option just as showing who voted for what is...

11-Jan-08, 21:56
Forgive me madpict, but even with multiple votes, it should be impossible to vote for the same option twice, no?:confused

11-Jan-08, 22:08
For the same choice - no. But obviously someone did. May have been a bug? If the person submitted their vote and the forum response got 'hung up' and they hit the vote button again they may have fooled it - similar to when you submit a post and the forum is slow to acknowledge your post being submitted and you hit the send button again results in a duplicate post.

12-Jan-08, 22:09
Yes, there is someone who has voted twice.

That is really strange Rheghead. Did you try pm'ing the poster and asking them?

13-Jan-08, 11:22
could it maybe be a cross with an impatient user and site / connection lag? Click click click click "it's not doing anything" syndrome (I have a relative who operates websites like that LOL)

13-Jan-08, 15:14
spelling tset

How do we use spell check on the org?

I had it on my old system, but now that the computer experts have put firefox into my laptop I cannot find any spell check programs.

14-Jan-08, 08:36
Right click on the text entry box and select "Spell Check This Field" - should carry it out as you type.

14-Jan-08, 12:03
indeed it ds. Thanks