View Full Version : Plastic garden composter wanted

09-Jan-08, 19:41
Due to being a manic composter in the last year I am on the lookout for a 2nd one.
If you have a composter in your garden not being used and are willing to donate it to a novice I will take it off your hands.
I will be able to pick it up in the Thurso , wick area.

10-Jan-08, 10:52
If you can't find a free one it might be worth trying the Council to see if they are still doing 5 ones. Have a feeling the offer came up again a little while ago.

10-Jan-08, 19:08
Cheers Badger I will try the council as 5 is fine

18-Jan-08, 21:54
Hey skinny dog you can pick mine up any time, you know the address xxx;)