View Full Version : Birthday Notifications

24-Nov-07, 03:48
I have listened to a concern on the TV about revealing too much info on message boards and the risks of identity theft. We are a small community up here and I feel that the birthday notifications could reveal to someone the date of birth for that to happen. We all would like to think it couldn't happen but I think it could. So do we really need it?:confused

24-Nov-07, 09:48
Must confess, Rheghead... apart from the members list (which should only be available to members!) I have been unable to find birthday details or alerts anywhere else.

24-Nov-07, 17:53
Any individual who is concerned with security in relation to the revelation of their birthday need only edit their profile in the User CP and remove their DoB as it is entirely optional - it is from this that the birthday notifications are derived. However as most users are also hidden behind a pseudonym it makes identity theft that much harder.

27-Nov-07, 18:08
If you want to go down that road what about all the folk who put their kids names/address & age in the local papers wishing them a happy birthday
isnt that the same as advertising all their details?:confused