View Full Version : Leylandii

05-Nov-07, 11:59

Just ordered 150 leylandii trees
Has anyone got any tips for planting to ensure they stay alive and a nice lush green colour?

05-Nov-07, 16:14
Bone meal, for a feed, and don't plant too closely as the spread. Hope this helps

07-Nov-07, 11:09
Be careful where you plant them as if they are in an extremely windy position they can burn easily.

14-Nov-07, 10:58
if you want them as hedging ,its a good idea to keep cutting the tops off as otherwise they will become bare at the bottom

09-Dec-07, 03:19
they will become bare at the bottom

Do they ever. They're also awful to keep cutting and (worse) picking up all the cuttings out of the lawn and flower beds when they're 15 years old (as are our inherited leylandii). How I wish our predecessors had planted a lovely deciduous mixed hedge.