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27-Oct-07, 13:45

For the past few days I have not been receiving e-mail notification of pm's awaiting me at the Org.

I have checked my CP and this is still enabled.

Am receiving other e-mails as usual.

Any ideas?:confused


27-Oct-07, 14:19
I'm not getting any either.
Maybe there trying to cut down on the work load now Colin has left.

27-Oct-07, 19:02
Thanks Cuddlepop!

Would someone in Admin let us know if that service has been withdrawn, even if only for the time being.

Appreciate it.


29-Oct-07, 12:39
I was just about to post the same query, I would be interested to know if this is still a feature? No biggy if it isn't.

29-Oct-07, 12:42
As far as I know, email notification of posts and pms take up a lot of the org's bandwidth, so admin might have turned it off because of the org's recent slowness. Just guessing but this has happened before.

Niall Fernie
29-Oct-07, 13:32
Not sure whats happening with them at the moment, looking into it...

Niall Fernie
29-Oct-07, 14:35
Following a quick test PM to Rheghead I think the problem is fixed, PM me if you find it still not working.