View Full Version : gardener wanted

22-Oct-07, 02:58
gardener wanted to trim down ivy and clematis over the front door and going up the wall before it gets any nearer to my bedroom window and comes in and chokes me!!! Also to cut the small area of grass. thankyou. Will pay well.

22-Oct-07, 10:07
Hi Fran, Hope you get a gardener sorted out, and sorry but whats going on with the org? I cant get in to general any ideas.....It says never hope your ok jan x

22-Oct-07, 12:15
Hi - I have sent you a pm.

21-Nov-07, 03:12
Im still looking for a gardener to cut down the ivy and plant growing round my front door on the arch. Any one know who i can contact. Someone did phone but never came.

21-Nov-07, 08:13
Did you get the pm I sent you?