View Full Version : yellowingwillows

17-Oct-07, 17:49
can anybody tell me why my young willow leaves are turning yellow and shriveling up and dying have them in 4 inch pots and are ready to go into ground when I get chance

17-Oct-07, 18:17
its the time of year mine are to they will come back just look around at the trees i was worried last year on the same matter but now i know panic over.i love willows and at least they grow up here ha ha

19-Nov-07, 16:11
we have a kilmarnock willow in our front, and that is totaly bare of any leaves. It is also advisable to trim them right back for next years growth...Mine is the pride of my front garden..Cant wait for it to flower in the summer....

20-Nov-07, 10:28
its called autumn!
cant be helped they should be back to their former glory in spring!