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06-Oct-07, 13:58
This plant has several names - including Creeping Jenny and Wandering Sailor.
It's latin name is Lysimachia nummularia. It is a low creeper with bright green leaves and a yellow flowers in spring - very pretty.
A few years ago I heard on the Radio Gardening programme, that it was an ideal plant to cover the earth in dry conditions and so help to keep the moisture in. Well I planted a lot of it, and we certainly had several dry summers, and Jenny did the trick.
However this summer was rather wet and Jenny began to wander and wander.
I decided to get rid of Jenny - at least as much of her as I could - and I filled bags and bags. I imagine there's enough left for her to start all over again, but I have now been warned as to how quickly she grows in wet conditions .

06-Oct-07, 14:40
You and me both trinkie , Planted a few small bits round the garden and boy has it grown. Had to pull a lot up but its on the rampage again.......There's no stopping jenny now lol . janx

07-Oct-07, 11:48
I had this in my garden down south. It can be used as a lawn replacement on bald patches, or area's grass does not want to grow. When in flower you walk over it to crush the flowers and release the scent. I used to just mow mine as usual and it would grow back again. I may get some again for here.